Passionate Data-driven eCommerce Growth Mavericks

We use data to systematically execute strategies and leverage our experience to employ unconventional methods in attaining revenue growth and enriching lives.




Each tribe has their own code they live by, written at the core of every DNA, a culture when it comes as a collective, a means of identity in the majority. Ours is a breed of mindful agility, radical creativity and the audacity to win in uncertainty. A loyal disciple of careful planning, quick contrarian action and pure grit. This is the way of a Mercurian.


In the words of Sun Tzu, "The battle is won before it is ever fought." Equipped with battle-tested experience, using your vision and the competitive landscape as data points, we take pride in having the wisdom of asking the right questions for you to win.


To rely on a persistent cycle of pragmatic learning, experimental adaptation in executing the plan to near perfection. Conscious alignment of vision and action leads to a transformational journey towards building your competitive advantage.


The growth mindset is in our DNA, relentlessly pursuing continuous improvements for long-term success. We help build future-proof businesses by investing in consistent, scalable small wins for sustainability. We iterate endlessly until disruption.


The Mercurian Founders Growth Framework

Built on strategic insight, fueled by data, the Mercurian Siege Engine Methodology is divided into three simple yet incredibly powerful phases

Phase 1

Insight Gathering, Growth Alignment & Architecting Your Blueprint

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable..” - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

It all starts with having an intimate understanding of where YOU want to head, what it means to you and the business assets to get there.

Not every growth plan is the same, and some companies choose to grow at faster rates than others for their own reasons.  You have your own unique set of opportunities and it is our job to see these and then align them with your ultimate vision of why you are doing this.

First, our senior growth strategist will work with you one on one to get to understand your business and its own uniqueness.  Ever seen RainMan?  Well they are kind of like that.  They see the invisible flows and connections between your conversations like a map of the matrix unveiling itself to them.  Be prepared for a lot of questions and curious inquisitiveness.

While our “RainMan” growth strategists work on the above, our data gurus start deciphering your never ending flows of data capturing exactly where your business is right now by digging through your web analytics data, FB page, AdWords, and CRM. We’ll also get to know the competition (and how you stack up against them!) through competitive intelligence.

Our team of data-loving Mercurians will identify, audit, and map out solutions in order to create a number of hypotheses and potential strategies to implement.

Then we will paint a picture of what incredible business growth looks like for your company, taking into consideration your goals, resources, greatest order to execute for maximum gain and check this with you to make sure there aren’t any last minute pieces of business insight to add in

This is then becomes our action plan over the next three months (yes we do this every three months, as your business could grow that quick that re-evaluating often is a requirement).

Phase 2

Executing Your Unique Growth Blueprint

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” – Winston Churchill

At this point, we put your tailor-made Growth Framework Blueprint to action. We will roll up our sleeves to get to work and fine-tune the engine down to the tiniest cogs. Together with your team, we are ready to get you started on a path to rapid growth and an understanding of eCommerce you’ve possibly never known before!

It’s not going to interfere with your current operations and if there is something larger that needs changing you would already know about it from us. These strategies are always in alignment with your goal and the next highest capability to move you towards it when considering all of the attributes (time, resource, investment, reward)

The solutions and tests we perform include but are not limited to: Adwords, FB Ads, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), Remarketing, Marketing Automation, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and of course our secret sauce unified customer intent system.

Did I mention we love data?

As in….. Did I mention WE LOVE DATA?

See, you might expect to see us talk about how then we will get all of your numbers and analyze the data, crunching it and turning it into insights.

So yesterday.

We will already have setup your “Startrek Data Console” (okay, its flow kaizen - information flow or data flow system), as well as dashboards that automatically capture and pull insight from the sources needed in near real time, and have determined core insight metrics that tell us the effectiveness of what we are implementing.

This gives us a daily “pulse” of your business.  In addition to this, we will “release the geeks” into your swath of data frequently to return insights relevant to guiding and measuring the strategies being implemented.

If any of that data is then used moving forward or is able to provide relevant insight, then we update your “Startrek Data Console." But just like the starfleet commander himself, we only include data that's meaningful and useful.  Data for the sake of data just makes the picture noisy, so you won’t be seeing that from us.

We then feed all of this back into the top of our process and re-calibrate as needed, this is how we continue to open up new customer channels, lower the cost per acquisition, improve the frequency of purchase and many many other improvements you will see.

Phase 3

Building Your Digital Empire For Life Changing Growth

You started your company for a reason, you aspired for something, be it to act on your passion or change someone else’s life or your own.  We too have this drive, our drive is to help change the lives of eCommerce founders by serving in our greatest capacity with what we are passionate about…. eCommerce Growth.

The whole point of your Mercurian Founders Growth Framework is to acquire and build digital empires by working on THE ONLY three E-commerce growth levers that exist:

  • Frequency of Purchase - e.g. customer winback campaigns, VIP days, rewards programs
  • Average Order Value - e.g. bunding products that go well together, upsell, cross-sell
  • Total Number of Customers - e.g. Paid Media, CRO, SEO, social media marketing

Every strategy you could ever implement to grow revenue in eCommerce will fit into these three levers, the amazing part is that most companies only focus on one of these, and do a poor job of it.

Tip:  Most of the revenue and business scale growth does not sit in total number of customers

In the Optimize stage, we will put the insights we gathered in the Implementation phase into action through scaling and diversification, always adding in new streams of revenue generating customers and profit strategies.

Your unique growth blueprint -- all in a system you can depend on and that's in alignment with your greatest vision and goals -- will be backed by people who are passionate about eCommerce and immensely dedicated to you and your business, as if it were our own.


At Mercurian Media, we’re not just about hunches and assumptions. You can call it a process.

We call it changing the lives of founders through living our greatest passion every single day.