Custom Web Analytics

Improved performance from actionable insights.

Analytics tells us a story, and Mercurian Media is here to interpret and make it relevant it for you.

In today’s information age, not all data is valuable if they cannot be converted to actionable insights. While Analytics will tell us a lot of statistics, they won’t make sense if you are unable to interpret the data and turn them into innovative changes for your business.

First agenda is to identify your business goals, then we set them up in Google Analytics to track your current performance. Our aim is to set measurable factors that can gauge your campaign’s success as we work on achieving your long-term and short-term targets.

With our strategic analytics setup and configuration, we take aim: We choose the right weapons and make sure they stay on course so you never miss your target.

Our Analytics proficiency (together with our quality track record on technical site audits, CRO, and search marketing) provides us the authority to do and interpret performance statistics and offer valuable advice on conversion strategies to make a business more effective.

Ready to leverage Analytics to grow your business? Talk to us to know how.

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