Data Intelligence

Follow closely to take the lead.

How can you effectively talk to someone? Or how can you be sure that this person will agree to what you want to say – or at least listen? You need to know as much as you can about them, of course.

Mercurian Media helps in letting you know what your market does and wants from a business like yours.  Similarly, we also give you reports on what and how you’ve really been doing in terms of achieving your business goals, spending your marketing budget in the most sensible way, and other measures that reveal effects on your bottom line.

Data and business intelligence is the very first aspect we undertake. It breaks down where you are situated in your marketplace and analyses your top competitors, looking at things such as:

  • Getting to know your business
  • Identifying goals and opportunity gaps
  • Link authority and website health
  • On-page factors
  • Reverse engineering competitors ranking and targets
  • Your business performance vs your competitors

Our team will explain how you can use some very powerful information that can make you arrive at much better decisions, improved brand awareness, and even increased profits. Together with the studies and analyses we provide, we utilise report automation tools for efficient data gathering and report generation, along with recommendations to help you use existing and new marketing channels to improve results for your business.

The current era isn’t called the information age for nothing. Don’t be left behind. Call us now to keep ahead.

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