Embracing eCommerce Is No Longer A Choice, It Is The Only Choice.

Today’s most successful eCommerce brands play offense and march into the battlefield to build empires.

In the new era of eCommerce, you need three things to build your own empire:

Growing, expanding, and leading in your eCommerce niche has nothing to do with implementing growth hacks. Amateurs stick to these so-called hacks and supposedly best practices in order to win small, insignificant battles.  Experts win the big war by employing data-driven processes that are smooth-sailing from beginning to end.

  • A going-to-war mindset
  • Ingenuity in deploying new weapons as part of your eCommerce arsenal
  • A framework and a data-driven process that you can use to emerge triumphant in the end

This is what the Mercurian Siege Methodology is about.

The Siege Engine Methodology


Your guile is hidden inside a magnificent gift that proves irresistible to your opponent. The walls open. Once inside, wreak havoc.

Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power


You know that bit in The Iliad where the Greeks finally won the decade-long war against Troy by building the Trojan Horse?

The epic Trojan War wouldn’t have ended if the Greeks continued to rely on conventional war tactics. By rethinking their warfare strategy and building the stealthy siege engine aka the infamous wooden horse, the Greeks finally stood victorious and crushed the Trojans.  

During the war, Mercury was one of the gods who neither took sides when the battle started out.

But at Mercurian Media, we’re taking sides.  Your side that is.

We help eCommerce businesses like you build their own massive, wooden siege engine as stealthily as possible. Built on cunning insight and fueled by data, the Mercurian Siege Engine Methodology is divided into three simple phases.

Phase 1: Strategy

Insight Gathering and Coming Up With Your Own Siege Engine

Our team of cunning Mercurians will come in, talk to you, and learn everything about your business.

We will identify and set up the right data collection system to understand the current state of your campaigns. As a result, it will help boost your conversion in terms of these three eCommerce growth levers:

  • Frequency of Purchase - e.g. customer winback campaigns, VIP days, rewards programs
  • Average Order Value - e.g. bunding products that go well together, upsell, cross-sell
  • Total Number of Customers - e.g. CRO, SEO, social media marketing

Once we're done with data collection and analysis, we'll sum up our findings into an actionable report and create a number of hypotheses.

As always, there are many ways to skin a cat and we can’t test everything at once. For this reason, we will rank each hypothesis based on your business goals and ease of implementation.

What You Get:

First, you will receive a written report detailing key insights about your customer's behaviour when they visit your website and social media pages.

Second, you’ll get the Siege Engine Proposal outlining the best hypothesis for implementation to address revenue leaks. The proposal includes but is not limited to  specific changes that you can make in your SEO, CRO, PPC, and marketing automation campaigns.

The strategic phase dictates how your siege engine will impact your eCommerce business in the long run.

It’s worth noting that we will formulate macro-goals during this phase. However, macro goals tend to be unachievable for the first time so we will aim for micro-goals (KPIs or key performance indicators ) instead . Just like the Butterfly Effect, one small action begets a whole series of consequences with huge impact later on.

Phase 2: Tactics

Putting the Siege Engine to Work

At this point, we will put your tailor-made Siege Engine Blueprint to action. We will roll up our sleeves, get to work ,and fine-tune your engine down to the tiniest cogs through split testing and multivariate testing.

Testing may include but are not limited to the following:

Adwords, FB Ads, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), Remarketing, Marketing Automation, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

After testing, we will crunch the data and identify quick fixes that will work to accomplish your desired growth levers.

If the test results come back with insufficient data to draw insights from, we will troubleshoot testing until we gain valuable information about your site and your audience. Rinse and repeat.

What You Get:

Depending on your business goals and budget, you will get regular reports detailing test results and the changes that were implemented based on the results. For instance, a client will receive a monthly report for tests done on SEO campaigns. On the other hand, a client who wants to focus on CRO tactics will receive reports of the test every two weeks.

These reports will also identify areas of both short-term improvement and long term strategies for scaling and optimization.

Phase 3: Growth

Building Your Digital Empire

It's quite rare to accomplish insightful results with just a single test. We learn something new in each test and each result feeds into how the next set of tests are done. By collecting and analyzing data from the winning tests, you can implement large-scale changes and learn how to reposition your campaigns.

The whole point of this phase is to acquire and build digital empires by implementing the changes permanently. Go big to gain greater rewards!

What You Get:

Once the large-scale tests are complete and results are analyzed, you will receive a comprehensive report through business intelligence dashboards. We will also help you set up and implement a proven marketing system in place. This also includes training your in-house team to implement the system like a true-blue Mercurian. The Greek god himself will be proud!


The allure and power of the Siege Engine Methodology is founded on its persistent cycle of pragmatic learning, experimental adaptation, and constant revision driven by data that matters the most.

At Mercurian Media, we’re not just about hunches and assumptions.

We all believe in a process.

Either you have a process put in place or you don’t really know where you’re going.

Why You Need to Build Your Own Siege Engine

  • Your customers don’t buy the way they used to.

They have nearly endless information about your product right at their fingertips.


  • Your competitors are increasing in number, just having a good product doesn’t cut it anymore. 

More rivals are joining the eCommerce clash for supremacy because your old-school tools and tactics are becoming more accessible. This means everybody’s doing the same thing!


  • Your online presence isn’t enough. 

Getting noticed and amassing a tribe of followers requires a  strategy that helps you build   relationships with your prospects and customers.


Having your own Siege Engine isn’t even an option anymore. It’s a question of when you are going to start building it.

Talk to a Siege Engine expert today.