Who We Are

Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who has skin in the game?

Starting his Australian Navy career at the age of 17, Marc Lindsay’s experience in the Navy taught him incredible discipline and outstanding work ethics. This discipline is what he practices to carry out in his current role as the Founder and CEO of Mercurian Media.

As Mercurian Media’s CEO, Marc has been able to work with key people in various industries to help them develop strategies that are within and beyond the realm of digital marketing. This includes traffic generation through SEO or paid marketing, conversion rate optimisation through usability and split testing, as well as enterprise level developments and business process improvements through key strategy and systems.

With a fanatical data-driven approach to everything, Marc believes that it is about seeing what is not there that makes the difference. His approach is to look at what clients and their competitors are doing, define the required results and what success looks like for the client, and then determine how to measure the outcome against that vision.

Mercurian Media: From Frustration to Fruition

In an online world where success and strategy are not a one size fits all, Mercurian Media aims to be a performance-based agency that targets critical success areas and delivers results catered towards our clients’ overall growth.

That’s the secret of Mercurian Media: we also run our own businesses – just like you. In the investing world, it’s called having skin in the game.

We do things right, because we know that every effort counts in business. We know that otherwise, it’s not only our clients who get hurt; it’s us, as well.

Mercurian Media provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions with the practical knowledge of operations, customer service and other business aspects.

The company was first conceived after repeatedly being frustrated by poor service, poor work, and often downright lies on the part of so-called ‘online marketing experts’.

Having worked exclusively with clients on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2004, we had experienced our fill of the good, the bad and the ugly – with an extra helping of ugly.

Starting 2010, as more and more retailers and competition poured into the online space, our clients began asking if we’d take over areas of their business other than just managing SEO campaigns. These would include PPC, conversion, strategy and web design and development – all because they had learned about our little secret of operating own successful businesses.

What Mercurian Media stands for

In 2012 we decided to extend our reach beyond SEO and into the realms of end-to-end solutions – not just for ourselves, but now also for our clients.

This is where the name Mercurian was formed.

Mercury, the god of commerce, the messenger of the gods, is just the perfect symbol of who we are and what we want to do: expertise in trade and commerce and the speed and eloquence in communicating messages anytime, anywhere. That’s what it means to call oneself Mercurian.

We are Mercurian Media. The commerce media company.

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